Al Muntaha stud was established in 2009 specifically in Jeddah to be one of the most important cleats characterised by the production of the most beautiful Arabian horses with purebred  pedigrees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The cleat contains a collection of the most famous mares with unique blood of sires. Dams and grandparents are characterised by high level aesthetic qualities, they contributed in national  and international tournaments and won many awards.

From here, it was the beginning of serious and active mind of the owner and existing manager the engineer/ Othman Helmy with the group of exhibitors and trainers for the foundation of this edifice.

The stud then oriented to the production as it has horses that helps. And the first recorded production of the stud in 2015. The filly AM Sabha from the sire SW Marwan and the dam PC sweet the most important horse in the cleat.

Al Muntaha stud would like to thank my father Al sheikh/ Ahmed Helmy the primary sponsor of the cleat and also would like to thank all who contributed his opinion from the horses owners and his effort from the trainers and exhibitors.